RARPA and Personalised Learning

RARPA stands for Recognising and Recording Progress and Achievement and is a means of measuring learner progress towards their long-term and EHCP goals.

At Future Horizons College provision, we ensure that all learners have access to a personalised and RARPA-based curriculum.

This begins when learners join Future Horizons and we are able to make assessments of a learners current level and current priorities and long-term aims.

We then use a comprehensive diagnostic assessment to baseline where a learner is in their learning journey. We baseline learners against the different areas of our curriculum to help them to identify the areas they may want to focus on over the year.

We then use six key areas to set Personal Learning Goals against. These are: 

  1. Communication
  2. Independent Living Skills
  3. Friends and Relationships
  4. Good Health
  5. Functional Skills
  6. Employability/Occupation 

Personal Learning Goals are set for the college year. These are then further broken down into aspirational termly targets which are set by tutors and regularly reviewed. This ensures that learners are focusing on the things that are meaningful to them throughout their time at Future Horizons and developing the knowledge, skills and attitudes that will support them to become more independent in adult life.

These termly targets are baselined and expected outcomes set for the rest of the term. This is then reviewed over the course of the term and learners have new targets set where appropriate.

We use the Evidence for Learning platform to record evidence of progress and achievement and tutors use this to track learners progress against our Steps to Independence Criteria.

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