Prioritising personal progression and learner wellbeing

After another fantastic year here at Future Horizons with lots of learning, trips and enjoyment, the year has ended with a fantastic bang following the first, highly successful MATP (Motor Activity Training Program) / Sporting event at FHL.

The students across all 4 pathways have worked extremely hard within their health and leisure / sport and wellbeing lessons, with pathway 1, 2 and 3 focussing on MATP and pathway 4 focussing on experiencing Gymnastics.

Pathway 1: Each student has taken part in 7-8 different fine motor skill, dexterity and striking activities. Involving pyramid knocking, baseball, stacking cups, bowling and throwing, students found an activity they enjoyed and focussed on, to then showcase to all their fellow students and staff members. The students all took part in the training and then excelled within the event, each earning a medal and a round of applause for their hard work and effort. They should all be extremely proud of the skills they have developed.

Pathway 2: Each student has taken part in 7-8 different activities working on fine motor skills, dexterity, striking, throwing, bowling and kicking. All students tried each activity and found the skills they enjoyed the most. Alongside pathway 4, the students then came together for an event where they showcased their skills to all staff and students from both pathways. Pathway 2 students took part in either bowling or table cricket, and it was fantastic to see them excel in their chosen activity and see the smiles of enjoyment on their faces when they received their well deserved applause and medals.

Pathway 3: The students have taken part in sport and wellbeing lessons all term, involving yoga, bowling, ring toss, table cricket, swing ball (and many more than can be mentioned). For the event itself the students competed in 2 different ways. 3 students took part alongside pathway 1 and thoroughly enjoyed the event and it was amazing to see their hard work pay off. The remaining students on this pathway held a quieter event, performing the skill in front of a smaller audience, which worked extremely well for the students who took part. Every student performed their activity brilliantly and received well-earned applause.

Pathway 4: All the students have taken part in experiencing gymnastics. It was safe to say that a forward roll / sideways roll was a favourite from all taking part (and staff). Each student tried out 7-8 gymnastics moves (Single leg stands, straddle jumps, start jumps, tuck jumps, pike jump forward rolls / sideways roll, back scale and a straight stand finish). They then chose which moves they enjoyed the most and wanted to showcase to everyone at the event. Following a great deal of hard work practising their routine, the joint event with pathway 2 was a huge success and all students thoroughly enjoyed their performances, medals and applause. The event ended with a ‘Whack a staff member’ game, foam, bubble and dance party.

A special thank you goes to Katie Flanagan for helping set up and pack away the event equipment. Katie showed fantastic communication and energy and we shall most definitely be needing you again for the next event.

The students and staff have all worked extremely hard this term to make this first MATP/Sporting event at FHL such a success and everyone involved should be extremely pleased and proud of their achievements. Having ended the year on such a high, we all look forward to a new year of learning and showcasing with many more MATP / Sporting events to come.

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