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Intensive Interaction is a social communication approach used to assist individuals who have a diagnosis of a Learning Disability and/or Autism. The aim of the approach is the individual learning the Fundamentals of Communication. The beauty of Intensive Interaction and what makes it such a unique approach is that it focuses on a individuals already prevalent communicative and social strengths and uses these to assist the individual to learn the Fundamentals of Communication. Rather than being a directive and goal or task orientated approach Intensive Interaction is learner lead and purely about spending time and socially interacting with the learner.

At Future Horizons Leeds we empower our learners by using such approaches as Intensive Interaction everyday by intertwining social communication throughout everything we do. Staff follow our Intensive Interaction Mentee Program where they partake in a 6 month Mentee course featuring in-depth training (Including the psychological aspects around social communication), to reflective video observation sessions to overarching support and mentor input from our qualified Intensive Interaction Coordinator (Myself).

We value our learner’s communication in the highest regards and show this through the work we do.

What would it look like if the starting point was NOT teaching a person with a profound intellectual disability a NEW way to communicate, BUT working towards all the people around them communicating in their way? – Sheridan Forster

At Future Horizons we are really passionate about aiding our learners to acquire/ further develop life skills to live as independent a life as possible. These life skills, personalised in respect of what is deemed important to each of our learners, underpin daily life at the college. Life skills occur during every minute at college; through preparing dinner, to helping clear the table, and socialising with our peers. In order to provide learning opportunities for life skills in the most natural sense, we also provide real world opportunities to both develop these skills and promote independence amongst our learners. These opportunities can include shopping, using public transport, cooking/baking, cleaning, etc.

Some of our learners also partake in target focused sessions, looking into specific areas of life skills in which they may need our support. Some of the topics we are currently looking at money management, healthy relationships, and creating meal plans. Using a more formal curriculum in this sense, learners skills are built upon week-by-week, and learners’ confidence and independence is encouraged. Community outings to use these skills in the real world, as mentioned previously, are then used to reinforce this knowledge.

At Future Horizons, we also provide work experience opportunities. We have learners completing work experience on a weekly basis at Hope Pastures donkey sanctuary, and West Leeds Activity Centre. We work with our learners to allow them freedom to choose their own path for work experience in line with their likes and interests. These sessions are intertwined with our life skills, as well as our personal learning goals. They provide us with positive learning experiences, and give us a safe opportunity to experiment with the working world.

Education for our learners is very much a person-centred approach. We strive to provide an environment which incorporates learning opportunities and a range of experiences to enable our learners to maximum their potential, achieve their goals and aspirations as well as enjoying themselves in the process. We work closely with parents and carers to enable us to provide the day to day provision which will impact positively on all aspects of their lives both at college and home.

Kate joined FHL in late 2019 bringing many years of business experience in the private and corporate sector.
Tracey joined the team in December 2020 bringing with her years of experience working in the care sector with young people who have learning difficulties.
Julia has been with FHL since April 2019 and spent time as a Support Worker before moving to the role of Floor Leader at West.

Our equality, diversion and inclusion statement

Equality, diversity, and inclusion
are at the heart of our values.