Principal Welcome

A Word from the Principal, Tom Sadler:

Welcome to Future Horizons Leeds, a specialist post-19 provision for adults aged 19-30 with complex learning and communication needs. We provide a mixture of education and adult social care placements and are passionate about providing a rich, varied, and holistic curriculum offer for all our young people that engages them in learning and encourages them to participate in the wider community.

Our vision is to provide a personalised and holistic curriculum that enables each of our young people to prepare themselves for the next stage of their life. We will do this by maximising opportunities for meaningful communication, developing life skills in a way that is meaningful for each learner and creating opportunities for our young people to make their mark on society. We believe that life for people with learning disabilities should be one of endless possibility, maximum fun and the joy that is found through engagement with peers and the wider community.

We have access to a wide range of specialist facilities within the city and recognise the importance of developing ongoing networks across Leeds and further afield. This provides our learners with the opportunity for transition routes into paid employment, supported work experience, supported or independent living. We also act as a hub for our young people and their families to access specialist support services and work closely with other professionals and therapists to create a fantastic package of provision for each young person.

We strive to promote independence, confidence, friendship, and a sense of belonging for each of our young people. We want to situate them in the heart of their own communities and strive to give our young people a voice to influence the world around them. We believe that we are only one part of a complex network of support for our young people and it is vital to work closely with families, residential services, and other professionals to make sure that we are supporting them to be all that they can be.

We are based across two bespoke provisions, one based at Kirkstall and one at Elland Road in Leeds. We support our young people to access pathway provisions based on their learning needs while making sure that the curriculum offer is still highly personalised to their needs and aspirations. We have a team of highly skilled support staff who work alongside our teachers and learning coordinators to support our students to progress in a way which is meaningful to them. Our onsite communication specialist ensures that all our young people are supported to socially interact with the people around them. All our staff are committed to providing the absolute best opportunities to develop and support, bridging the gap between college and the wider community.

We work in partnership with a variety of different stakeholders across the city and maintain strong networks with local business and social enterprises to make sure we have access to fantastic facilities and supportive and nurturing work experience placements.

It is an absolute pleasure to lead Future Horizons into the future and be able to develop from a fantastic starting point. We have consistently challenged expectations and entrenched views on what people with complex disabilities can and cannot achieve. We intend to continue challenging and overcoming those barriers. With the support of our local community, the networks we are developing and the most important people of all – our learners – I know that we will continue to develop a provision that changes lives and supports people to achieve and live happy and fulfilled lives well into the future.

Tom Sadler - Principal

Our equality, diversion and inclusion statement

Equality, diversity, and inclusion
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